3 contos infinitos
3 cuentos infinitos
3 cuentos infinitos
3 cuentos infinitos

Video realizado por Cintia Martín

Música: Fetén fetén . Chocolat

Duración: 2min, 23 sg

3 Contos infinitos

Texto: Consuelo Digón
Ilustraciones: Cintia Martín
3 flexágonos, 180 x 180 mm

Idioma: Portuguese
ISBN: 978-84-948-801-6-2

Portuguese translation of 3 cuentos infinitos: Numa cabeça, Hunga Bunga and A tia.

Three short, but endless stories. We created three book-games using a 'flexagon'. With this easy to use format, you can discover the pleasure of reading to others and watching their surprised faces!

Recommended for children from 4 years old, because even though they don’t know how to read yet, they learn how to use the 'flexagon' and love showing it.

Hand made with recycled paper 250grs.

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