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In Tralari we share a common love for innovation and well designed books.

We are a independent publishing company created in 2011 by Cintia Martin and Consuelo Digon. Our goal is to present our most experimental, playful and unique children’s books.

Taking care of the whole process of creation, production, distribution and workshops of our books, allows us to have a direct role in all the steps in the chain between authors and readers.

Who we are?

Cintia Martín
Consuelo Digón
Nuria de la Iglesia

Creative Director, illustrator and designer.

She divides her time to get everywhere, while in her head she reviews the format and colors of the next book. She loves playing with textures papers, folding and the smell of inks and lattes.

Editor, writer and educator.

Always sorrunded by children both at home and at school, she carefully listen to them whispering in her ears cheerful characters who then inhabit Tralarí books. She is often seen talking with her puppets and with the trees.

Production  Director, quality control and administration.

She double-checks with great care every book that reaches her hands and she tries not to leave a comma by the wayside. She likes packages containing multiples of 5 and that have Tralarí colors. Cookies as book covers, she always takes two.

Contact us:

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Ediciones Tralarí

c/ Platerías 17, 1ºA

47003 Valladolid- Spain

Tralari Books

Ann Arbor

48105 Michigan-USA



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