Video realizado por Cintia Martín

Música: Fetén fetén. Paquita en las Ramblas

Duración: 2min, 14 sg

Veo Bichos

Autor: Cintia Martín
11 pag, 140 x 140 mm
ISBN: 978-84-943780-0-3

Idioma: Español

Two crayons and a filter included

A book-game where you can find plenty of ugly bugs, hungry and smelly, but harmless and friendly. Walk into the “laboramaze” and go through the 12 rooms, all with a different name, where scientists have isolated all the Oranginus Tragonius, but be careful, it seems that one has escaped ...

Use the “transmuter” (red filter) to make them disappear or to observe how they transform themselves. Other tools allow you to create your own bugs in some rooms.


two crayons and a filter included

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